Theatre & Dance courses

THEA 4750 African-American Theatre History
African-American Theatre History
This course is a chronological examination of African-American theater history from 1821 to the present through the study of African-American plays, critical race theory, as well as political/social conditions in the United States. Upon completion of this course the student should be familiar with a cross-section of the major written works of African-American theater, have a more complete understanding of the intersection of American and African-American theatre histories. They should also know the position of African-American theater within the context of major American theatrical movements.
credit hours: 3

THEA 6580 Producing
Introduction to the different elements of producing for the theatre, as well as television, new media, and cinema. Students receive an overview of the different elements of producing, from the initial steps of putting together script, talent, and the team (writer(s), director, actors, designers), through financing, and into marketing and the launch of a new production.
credit hours: 3