Hebrew courses

HBRW 1010 Elementary Hebrew I
Elementary Hebrew I
credit hours: 4

HBRW 1020 Elementary Hebrew II
Elementary Hebrew II
Pre-requistites: HBRW 1010 or equivalent.
credit hours: 4

HBRW 2030 Intermediate Hebrew I
Intermediate Hebrew I
An introduction to Hebrew prose and poetry. A continuation of 1020 with emphasis on reading and Hebrew conversation.
Pre-requistites: HBRW 1020 or equivalent.
credit hours: 4

HBRW 2130 Intermediate Hebrew II
Intermediate Hebrew II
A continuation of Hebrew 2030 with an emphasis of reading and discussion of texts in Hebrew.
Pre-requistites: HBRW 2030 or equivalent.
credit hours: 3

HBRW 2140 Reading Texts in Hebrew
Reading Texts in Hebrew
This course allows students with a background in Hebrew to read texts from their current JWST class in the original language. Texts read will vary according to the concurrent course. For example, a student enrolled in JWST 4110 Rabbinic Judaism would read selections from the Mishnah in Hebrew.
Notes: May be taken two times for credit.
Pre-requistites: One year of Hebrew or equivalent.
Co-requisites: JWST course where Hebrew texts are being read in translation.
credit hours: 3

HBRW 2230 Biblical Hebrew I
Biblical Hebrew I
This course will involve reading various texts of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) and the study of biblical Hebrew.
Pre-requistites: HBRW 1020 or approval of instructor.
credit hours: 3

HBRW 3100 Advanced Hebrew I
Advanced Hebrew I
An advanced class for students interested in pursuing further Hebrew studies. Class will read and discuss modern Hebrew literature as well as study advanced grammar and syntax.
Notes: May be repeated for credit.
Pre-requistites: HBRW 2130 or approval of instructor.
credit hours: 3

HBRW 3110 Advanced Hebrew II
Advanced Hebrew II
credit hours: 3

HBRW 3230 Biblical Hebrew II
Biblical Hebrew II
This course is a continuation of Hebrew 2230 Biblical Hebrew I and involves reading various texts from the Hebrew Bible. Biblical Hebrew grammar will be reviewed as appropriate.
Pre-requistites: HBRW 2230.
credit hours: 3

HBRW H4910 Independent Studies
Independent Studies
credit hours: 3

HBRW H4920 Independent Studies
Independent Studies
credit hours: 3