Structural and Cellular Biology courses

SCEN 4050 Introduction to Histopathology
Introduction to Histopathology
The primary goal of Introduction to Histopathology is to establish a foundation of knowledge that will allow the student to relate detailed cellular alterations to overall disease processes. The course will provide a solid foundation in histology and cell biology with respect to modern medicine and will introduce students to the cellular mechanisms of disease processes. Some major tissue groups will be covered. Part I brings together histology and general pathology within the context of the basic tissues. Part II presents several organ systems grouped by their most relevant function for the purpose of integration. Students will be expected to learn the knowledge by attending lectures, lab sessions, case discussions. Students are expected to work through set tasks during lab sessions and case discussions that are designed to improve their understanding of tissue organization and function, and to promote their problem-solving skills.
Pre-requistites: CELL 4110
credit hours: 3