Physics and Engineering Physics courses

ENGP 1010 Introduction to the MakerSpace
Introduction to the MakerSpace
This course is intended to provide an understanding of the basic principles of prototyping tools, including modern rapid-prototyping tools such as 3d printer and CNC machining. The course will focus on practical application and a
credit hours: 3

ENGP 3720 Mechanical Behavior of Materials
Mechanical Behavior of Materials
The course covers the general foundations of elasticity and plasticity theory, dislocation theory, and strengthening mechanisms. Basics of materials forming processes are studied. An overview for non-destructive testing of materials is taught. The course emphasis is on destructive mechanical testing of materials including; tension, torsion, hardness, fatigue and creep tests, in addition to fracture mechanics and failure analysis.
Pre-requistites: ENGP 3120, ENGP 2430, MATH 2210
credit hours: 3

ENGP 3760 Thermodynamics of Materials
Thermodynamics of Materials
The course covers the general foundation of both statistical thermodynamics and classical thermodynamics, including thermodynamics laws, auxiliary functions, and behavior of gases and solutions. In addition, special attention is dedicated to equilibria of reactions and phase diagrams of materials. Computer-based programs will be used to solve thermodynamics problems for complicated materials.
Pre-requistites: ENGP 3120, MATH 2210
credit hours: 3