Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering courses

CENG 2505 Introduction to Biotechnology Laboratory
Introduction to Biotechnology Laboratory
This course is designed to introduce students to essential laboratory skills and modern techniques utilized in the field of biotechnology. These include aseptic technique, microbial and mammalian cell culturing, flow cytometry, and engineering and analysis of genes in E. coli. Laboratory notebook maintenance, executing protocols, analyzing data and teamwork are emphasized. This course is intended for students without any prior research experience.
credit hours: 1

CENG 3120 Materials Science and Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering
The structure and properties of engineering materials are considered. Coverage includes basic atomic and microscopic structure, testing methods, phase relationships, and strengthening techniques. Emphasis is placed on common industrial materials. Thermodynamics and kinetics aspects of material science are discussed.
Pre-requistites: CHEM 1070, CHEM 1080, PHYS 1310, PHYS 1320, MATH 2210
credit hours: 3