Biochemistry courses

SCEN 4110 Basic Medical Biochemistry
Basic Medical Biochemistry
Basic Medical Biochemistry aims to establish the student's biochemical competency for admission to medical school and success in the first-year medical curriculum. The course focuses on topics, mechanisms, and analyses that are most relevant to human health and disease, including biomolecule structure and function, gene regulation, and metabolism in cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. The instructors are faculty in the Tulane Medical School, and classes are held on the medical campus. Course topics are drawn from those addressed by Tulane medical students. Instructional methods include those currently employed in the Tulane Medical School, such as the flipped classroom and team-based learning. Students will be provided an array of learning aids, including instructional videos. Pre-requisite: CHEM 2410 and junior standing or instructor approval. Course does not count towards major requirements in CMB, BIOC, CHEM, or CHE. Credit not given for this course and CELL 4010/6010, CHEM 3830, CENG 4450 or CENG 4460.
Pre-requistites: CELL 2050 or EBIO 2070 and CHEM 2410
credit hours: 3