Landscape Electives courses

LNSP 3300 Natural Landscape and Built Form
Natural Landscape and Built Form
An approach to the understanding of the interrelationships of man, nature, culture and technology, and the resultant built environment. Each semester the course focuses on a distinct region, emphasizing local flora, fauna, and climatic considerations in relationship with native, imported and evolving culture. Classes focus on design issues that integrate plant materials in built environment contexts.
credit hours: 3

LNSP 3400 Site Planning
Site Planning
This course is a study and exploration into the art and science of site planning and its integration with architecture. Emphasis will concentrate equally on aesthetic and technical issues, and their resolution through design. Class focus will be on the development of a technical knowledge base for use in site planning and design decisions along with an expansion of the students' sensitivity to observation, experiencing and understanding of the site.
credit hours: 3

LNSP 4300 Landscape and Modern Architecture
Landscape and Modern Architecture
This course addresses the interconnectedness of landscape and architecture. Recognizing the identity of both landscape and architecture as constructed territories, and challenging the common conception of landscapes as the backdrop for buildings, Landscape + Modern Architecture will offers a critical framework for the re-conceptualization of the limits of architectural practice at the building's edge.
credit hours: 3

LNSP 4400 Material Topographies and Architectural Landscapes
Material Topographies and Architectural Landscapes
An exploration of the complex relationships that exist between architecture and the material landscapes that constitutes its site that encompassing outer territory that defines the context within which architecture is situated and grounded, and against which it is seemingly defined. The course will specifically focus on the relation of architecture to the environment, calling into question the tools and techniques architects have employed to map, document and analyze site conditions, and the built objects produced.
credit hours: 3