Tulane Interdisciplinary Experience Seminars (TIDES) TIDB courses

TIDB 1010 What is Management?
What is Management?
TIDB 101 introduces students to the business world by critically examining the art of management. The course focuses on the question: why do people work together and how? The objective of TIDB 101 is to introduce students to basic business concepts, to develop a plan for their field of study, as well as to have fun in the process.
credit hours: 1.5

TIDB 1020 Law and Order
Law and Order
In Henry VI, Shakespeare wrote, The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers; however, all the lawyers have avoided being killed since that line was written. Why? From the largest corporate mergers to simple adoptions, and from public policy to the enactment of criminal laws, the need for lawyers is increasing because the law is a central part of our daily lives and the bedrock of a free society. Although the press might occasionally indicate otherwise, lawyers are members of a profession and they get respect, but is being a lawyer really like the popular portrayals on television shows such as Law and Order or in a John Grisham novel? This class will help you explore how one becomes a lawyer and what it is like to be a lawyer. The first year Career Management Center Sessions will be offered as part of the course.
credit hours: 1.5

TIDB 1110 Business Leadership
Business Leadership
Our economic system and our society need leaders, but how are those leaders formed? Our youngest leaders matured in the glow of computer screens; our oldest matured in the shadow of the Depression and World War II. This class will examine how era and values shaped leaders from these two disparate groups, affectionately labeled geeks and geezers. During the journey, we hope to discover something more profound -- the process through which leaders of any era emerge.
credit hours: 1.5