Management Communication courses

MCOM 3010 Management Communication
Management Communication
Emphasizing a problem-solution approach, MCOM 3010 teaches students to produce professional written documents and oral presentations; to analyze various communication purposes, strategies, and audiences; and to work effectively in teams. Some sections of this course will satisfy one of the University's public service requirements and will provide an additional public service credit.
Notes: This is a required course in the A. B. Freeman School of Business Core Curriculum.
Pre-requistites: ENGL 1010 or ENLS 1190 ; junior standing or above.
credit hours: 3

MCOM 3100 Social Media
Social Media
Using case studies and real-world examples from large corporations and small business, students explore current and future opportunities of how professionals embrace online social networks, user-generated content and content sharing to communicate. This course looks at these new channels of communication that make up social media and the Web, exploring how these tools fit into a company's traditional integrated communication strategy.
Pre-requistites: MCOM 3010; junior standing and above.
credit hours: 3

MCOM 3890 Service Learning (Add-on Component)
Service Learning (Add-on Component)
Freeman students may elect to fulfill their upper-level Newcomb-Tulane public service requirement through this service learning option that functions as an added component to Management Communication. This added one-hour component supplements the Management Communication curriculum and gives students the opportunity to identify communication opportunities and challenges within a specific organization, identify and analyze various stakeholder groups associated with the organization, and consider the role of communication in achieving the organization's goals. Students are required to fulfill 20-40 hours of public service and will develop and execute a semester-long project for their community partner.
Notes: Students who wish to complete the public service component to receive credit for the upper-level requirement must take MCOM 3100 concurrently with the public service course in their junior year.
Pre-requistites: MCOM 3100; junior standing and above.
credit hours: 0