Information SystemsProcess Management courses

INFO 1010 Introduction to Business Computing
Introduction to Business Computing
The goal of Introduction to Business Computing is to ensure that all business students have the computing skills necessary to support subsequent courses in their college career and to prepare students for internships in the business world. The focus of the course will be on learning to use Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access application programs and to pass the Microsoft Office certification tests. The certification tests are given as part of the coursework.
Notes: Students who arrive on campus with the Microsoft Certified Application Specialist Certification for both Excel 2007 and Access 2007 may waive this course requirement; please consult with the course instructor to apply for a waiver. This is a required course in the A. B. Freeman School of Business Core Curriculum.
credit hours: 3

INFO 3010 Business Modeling
Business Modeling
This course introduces students to the use of the computer as a business modeling tool. The overarching goal is to teach students to use computers to analyze models and data for integrated decision making across multiple domains including finance, marketing, accounting, strategy, and operations. The course proceeds in several parts: 1) Data Modeling - building on INFO 1010 and MATH 1140, the course will review data modeling in Excel; 2) Deterministic Modeling - the course will cover decision-making under certainty using optimization models such as linear programming. Problems such as portfolio optimization, transportation, and assignment are covered and the concepts of problem formulation and sensitivity analysis are introduced; 3) Spreadsheet Automation - concepts for programming in Excel will be introduced; 4) Probabilistic Modeling - decision making in an environment of uncertainty is covered using simulation and the principles of decision analysis. Students will also learn to choose the appropriate probability distribution for a given problem; and 5) Data acquisition from databases and SQL - the course ends by teaching how to query Access databases and introduces structured query language (SQL).
Pre-requistites: MATH 1140.
credit hours: 3

INFO 4120 Database Management
Database Management
INFO 4120 provides a fundamental overview of the values, concepts, principles, skills, and techniques of modern database management systems and of database business application system development. Topics include the needs of business functions for database systems, components of modern database management systems, components of database application systems, logical/functional planning and design of database applications, modeling new database applications, structures of relational database application systems, and fundamentals of using a typical modern dbms (Oracle, Microsoft Access) to build database application systems. Students will first learn the foundations of database and application structures, tools, and techniques. Then, given a case for database and multifunctional business application requirements, students design, construct, and test an integrated database and associated application components.
Pre-requistites: INFO 1010, MATH 1140, junior standing or above.
credit hours: 3