EBIO 3690 Experimental Animal Behavior

This course provides students the opportunity to design, implement, and write-up an independent research project related to behavioral ecology. Research will be conducted on live animals at the Audubon Zoo. The course will emphasize general principles of experimental design; the collection, organization and analysis of data; and written and oral presentation of results. The course consists of 3 hours of laboratory per week and 2 hours of seminar per week, all at the zoo.


Junior or Senior standing or consent of instructor. EBIO 304 ("General Ecology"), EBIO 308 ("Process of Evolution"), EBIO 408 ("Biostatistics & Experimental Design"), EBIO 368 ("Comparative Animal Behavior"), and EBIO 329 ("Behavioral Ecology") are recommended, but not required.

notes: Fulfills the college intensive-writing requirement.