AERO 1021 The Foundations of the United States Air Force II Leadership Laboratory

Description: Leadership Laboratory (LLAB) is a dynamic and integrated grouping of leadership developmental activities designed to meet the needs and expectations of prospective Air Force second lieutenants and complement the AFROTC academic program. It is a student planned, organized, and executed practicum conducted under the supervision of the detachment commander and commandant of cadets. LLAB cadets are classified into one of four groups with respect to field training attendance and/or commissioning. Initial Military Training (IMT) cadets are part of the General Military Course (GMC) but are not scheduled to attend field training (normally AERO 100 cadets). The focus of IMT objectives/activities are to promote the Air Force way of life and help effectively recruit and retain qualified cadets. This time is spent acquainting the cadets with basic Air Force knowledge and skills to help them determine whether they wish to continue with the AFROTC program. Field Training Prep (FTP) cadets are scheduled to attend field training in the upcoming year (normally AERO 200 cadets). The FTP objectives provide training to ensure every cadet is mentally and physically prepared for the rigorous field training environment. Intermediate Cadet Leaders (ICL) are cadets returning from field training (normally AERO 300 cadets). ICL objectives/activities give cadets the opportunity to further develop the leadership and followership skills learned at field training. Every cadet position should provide the ICL the opportunity to sharpen their planning, organizational, and communication skills, as well as their ability to effectively use resources to accomplish a mission in a constructive learning environment. Senior Cadet Leaders (SCL) are cadets scheduled to be commissioned in the upcoming year (normally AERO 400 cadets). This time is spent on additional opportunities to develop leadership and supervisory capabilities, and prepares cadets for their first active duty assignment. Extended Cadet Leaders (ECL) are cadets whose ROTC academic requirements are complete but still have one or more terms of college left to complete. These cadets may hold special duty or regular positions within the cadet corps upon discretion of the Detachment Commander (Det CC) or Commandant of Cadets (COC). Course Objectives: The IMT cadet in the LLAB program should know the principles of the Holm Center Training Manual (HCTM), Air Force customs and courtesies, dress and grooming standards, and grade structure and insignia as well as the chain of command. The individual should know the AFROTC Honor Code. The individual should know effective time management skills, the benefits of exercise and nutrition, as well as the AFROTC weight and fitness standards. The individuals will know the courtesies and procedures associated with the United States flag and know and demonstrate individual and flight drill positions and movements. Finally, they will begin to know the environment of the Air Force officer by participating in a unit formal dinner, retreat, parade, and awards ceremony. The FTP cadets will continue their learning by focusing on the aspects of Field Training. The cadet will apply the HCTM philosophy in instructing drill and ceremonies to the IMT cadets. They will know and demonstrate road guard procedures, flag-raising procedures for reveille and retreat, as well as flight commander commands, positions, and movements. The cadet will know the procedures and requirements of Field Training. The cadet will participate in some of the same events as the AERO 100 cadet while applying Air Force customs and courtesies and dress and grooming standards. A large portion of the curriculum will include lessons specifically geared towards preparing the cadet for field training.The ICL and SCL cadets will apply the HCTM philosophy in supervising the cadet corps. The cadet will demonstrate leadership and management skills in supervising the cadet corps or through advanced leadership experiences. The cadet will comprehend the importance of adhering to Air Force Core Values. In addition to applying leadership skills, SCL cadets will participate in objectives/activities, focused on preparing them for active duty. Communications Studies Communication Studies are woven throughout the four year program. The Four Year Communication Studies Plan outlines requirements and provides suggested activities.